Sample DirectSoft & DirectLogic PLC "Certificate Course"


Need continuing education credits? Need a certificate of completion?

This continuing education course is a “true” online curriculum offering continuing education credits. With over 70 online-study videos, each lasts an average of six minutes; the course includes quizzes, progress testing plus a final comprehensive exam. You will interact with an instructor by creating and uploading ladder programs to be evaluated and approved to ensure mastery in each section.

The Basic DirectLogic PLC Course topics include: sensors, inputs, outputs, programming instructions and more. PLC hardware is not a requirement of the course.You will upload the programs you create as part of the course and we will test them on our trainer. If you would like to try your programs on a PLC before uploading them to us, any DirectLogic PLC will work. Or, once enrolled, you will be offered a discount of $20 and free shipping on a DirectLogic PLC hardware trainer. Each student is allowed 120 days to complete the course of study. Upon satisfactory completion, you will receive three hours of continuing education credits plus printout a Certificate of Completion on your printer. This course is offered for a "limited time" for $239.00.

For a syllabus of whats covered in this course and to view a few short sample videos, click HERE.

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